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Meet the Pastor

Abiding Words by Ruth Harvey

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We are so excited to announce the merger of Life UPC in Simsbury with New Mercies Apostolic Church in Bloomfield under the leadership of Pastors Steven and Ruth Harvey. The new location is only 10 minutes from our current facility in Simsbury. Beginning immediately, all regular services at Life UPC will be moved to the New Mercies building located at 1601 Blue Hills Ave Extension in Bloomfield. Our End Times with Irvin Baxter studies will continue as scheduled at Life UPC in Simsbury. If you have any questions about our expansion, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at our new location and will update our site with more details as they become available!

Lessons for Life

Audio Sermons
Live from the Sanctuary of Life UPC in Simsbury, Connecticut

The Altar Audio Sermon To Thins Own Self Be True Audio Sermon New Give Up Audio Sermon

"True Christianity is not just about do's and dont's, or saying prayers and going to church. True Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a life of freedom and joy; a life of emotional and spiritual health."

Rev. John Hanson -- District Superintendent