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The importance of the altar in the old testament is as relevant to modern Christians today as it was to the millions of Jews that encountered it for the atonement of their sins. Without a sacrifice offered at the brazen altar, God could not forgive or pardon the sin of a man or an entire nation.

If Christian America is to find forgiveness for the many sins it has committed, they must give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, who was God incarnate that became the supreme sacrifice without blemish. The ultimate sacrifice that once and for all enabled mankind to be reconciled with God.

When we submit our lives unto the Lord to become a living sacrifice, we will then find the perfect balance & harmony of the Greatest relationship we can experience with our God.

70% of Americans, if given the opportunity, would like to look like somebody else and be somebody else. How you feel about yourself is going to determine your spiritual, emotional, and even your financial future.

Society is filled with people determined to make you feel bad about yourself. Its in marketing campaigns, its in TV commercials - they make ads all the time to make you feel bad about yourself in an effort to get you to spend money with the thinking that you will then feel good about yourself. Self deception happens when you do not feel good about yourself and you will never feel good about yourself unless you are connected in a relationship to Jesus Christ.

Success is a journey that is a lifelong adventure. Everybody wants to be successful, yet there are few who are. So the question must be asked... why?

When life doesn't happen like we want it to, there comes a time when quitting looks good. Please think about this...there comes a time in every job when quitting looks good. There comes a time in every marriage where quitting looks good. In all of life's pursuits, there always comes a time when giving up seems like the right thing to do.

When problems seem insurmountable. When giants seem unbeatable. When mountains seem unmovable. When defeat seems absolutely in-escapable and retreat seems like your only logical option. I want you to remember this message today.


It's a principle from God's Word and we're going to learn it today.


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